Hobart Stamp Show exhibition forms and prospectus

Information for Prospective Exhibitors

Exhibitors should read all details in the Prospectus and lodge entries using the Entry form below.

Here is a summary of the basic details for entering an exhibit in the Exhibition:

Hobart National One-Frame Exhibition

The Hobart Stamp Show 2016 is a National One Frame Exhibition organised by the Tasmanian Philatelic Society under the auspices of the Australian Philatelic Federation Ltd. (APF). Hobart Stamp Show exhibition forms and prospectus can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.
Regulations are based on the APF Regulations for Australian Philatelic Exhibitions.

15 sheet frames

The frames hold 15 sheets and only 15 sheets can be entered and shown

Closing Date

The closing date for Entries is 1 August 2016

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $45 per entry which includes a $5 Tas Stamp Council frame restoration levy to assist with refurbishment of frames.

Delivery of Exhibits

While there are no official Commissioners for One-frame Exhibits, we hope to make  arrangements for transporting exhibits from most States to Tasmania for those who cannot attend in person. Postage using Platimum service Australia Post satchels is another option. If you require assistance to get your exhibit to Tasmania please contact our Exhibition Secretary, John Panckridge.

The Prospectus provided details of delivery arrangements for hand-delivered Exhibits.

Return of Exhibits

To ensure security and necessary care of exhibits, it will not be possible to collect exhibits until the collection time decided by the bin room team. We will return exhibits to exhibitors as soon as possible at the conclusion of the exhibition ( closes 3:30 pm). We ask all exhibitors to respect this requirement by keeping the bin room area clear until the official collection time. The exact time for collection will be advised closer to the exhibition.


The Judging will be in accordance with APF regulations and decisions are final and cannot be contested. A judge’s critique of exhibits will be held for interested participants including a brief discussion in front of the frames (time permitting). The APF has so far approved the following:

Chair of the Jury: Malcolm Groom

Jury Secretary: Ian McMahon

Judges: David Figg, John Sinfield, Elspeth Bodley, Patrick Reid (UK), Christine Earle (UK).

More Information

All correspondence to the Exhibition Secretary, Tasmanian Philatelic Society, GPO Box 594, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, or email to jpanckridge@gmail.com

Download Prospectus and Application

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