Postcard 100th anniversary of Mt Field Nat Park


Postcard – 100 only available, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mt Field National Park.

Numbered  1 to 100.

The Postcard is based on a hand-coloured picture postcard by J W Beattie, Tasmanian’s leading early wilderness photographer. This image was used in the design of the 4d Tasmanian Pictorial stamp.



Product Description

Postcard 100th anniversary of Mt Field Nat Park

Limited to 100 only. Numbered 1 – 100,

NOTE: Numbers 1 and 100 will be auctioned at the Awards Dinner

In 1916, the area surrounding Mt Field, about 64 Km from Hobart, was declared a National Park, making it Tasmania’s first National Park.
Russell Falls within the Park had already been proclaimed as a Nature Reserve in 1885 due to its natural beauty.
Tasmania issued a set of 8 “Pictorial” stamps in 1899 and 1900, the 4d value showing Russell Falls. The image used for the stamp is based on a photo by J W Beattie.
This card shows a J W Beattie Photograph in the form of a hand-coloured picture postcard with an image very similar to that used for the 4d stamp.


russell_falls-ppc-web-front russell_falls-ppc2-web-back











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