Exhibition Results


CHAMPION PHILATELIC EXHIBITJames Johnstone"1897 Consumptive Homes Charity /issue of NSW"
RESERVE CHAMPION PHILATELIC EXHIBITMartin Walker"Paraguay the first Kraus Definitives of 1903"
CHAMPION POSTCARD PHILATELIC EXHIBITJohn Panckridge"Heaven or Hell? Behind the Scenes at the Leipzig Fair"
BEST DISPLAY FROM A TASMANIAN EXHIBITORJohn Panckridge"Heaven or Hell? Behind the Scenes at the Leipzig Fair"
JUDGES' SPECIAL PRIZE (FOR MATERIAL)Kerry Riley"Tasmanians at Gallipoli"
JUDGES' SPECIAL PRIZE (FOR MATERIAL)Harry Lower"The Halfpenny 'Bantams' of South australia"
JUDGES' SPECIAL PRIZE (FOR KNOWLEDGE)Gary Watson"The pre-separation Date stamps of Melbourne"
YOUTH ENCOURAGEMENT AWARDJeffrey Thompson"The voyages of Captain Cook"
PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDShukla Aaradhya "Not just Paper..."


Frame #SurnameFirst NameExhibit TitleClassScoreAward
1TyagiPankajLucknow close to my HeartPostcards73Large Silver
2AndrewsMargueriteLudwig I : Second King of Bavaria 1825 -1848Postcards73Large Silver
3NewellRaeleneKing Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1901 - 1910Postcards78Vermeil
4PeggiePaulPictorial Postcards from BarotselandPostcards76Vermeil
5RileyKerryTasmanians at GallipoliPostcards91Large Gold
6MillarGregBishops Waltham - Its developmentPostcards74Large Silver
7BurkeSeanA View of Rhodesia through the postcards published by E. Peters of Cape TownPostcards74Large Silver
8ChequerGraeme and GayeRadical JoePostcards72Large Silver
9MooreJohnVale of GloucesterPostcards82Large Vermeil
10BurkeSeanPicture Postcards used in Rhodesia 1902 - 1908Postcards76Vermeil
11KajewskiDavidPostcards from MackPostal History (Transfered from Postcards)73Large Silver
12RileyKerryA Tour of Tasmania: The advertising Postcards of F.W. NivenPostcards75Vermeil
13DownesAlmaA Short Holiday in ClovellyPostcards70Large Silver
14NewellRaeleneA Glimpse at the lives of King George V and Queen Mary from 1893-1936Postcards79Vermeil
15PanckridgeJohnHeaven or Hell? Behind the Scenes at the Leipzig FairPostcards91Large Gold
16MainwaringJamesTransport and Travel:  An Edwardian and Continental perspectivePostcards70Large Silver
17BarrettBrianTasmania: The "Revenue" Overprint on Platypus Values, 1900 -1905Revenues85Gold
18MonkGordonHoley Problems The Harris Scarfe Empire HS.4 perfinTraditional74Large Silver
19LowerHarryThe Halfpenny "Bantams" of South AustraliaTraditional91Large Gold
20MooreJohnLord Howe Island - Postal Markings 1900 -2000Marcophily66Silver
21ShawJamesNew Zealand 1878 1d Stamp Duty Issues - A Study of Stamps and UsageRevenues88Gold
22LetterPeterCacti: A Prickly SubjectThematic67Silver
23JohnstoneJamesAdvertising Australia's Telegram and Telegraph ServicePostal History77Vermeil
24ThompsonJeffreyThe Voyage of Captain CookYouth Thematic & Open, U1575Large Silver
25ShuklaAaradhyaNot just Paper...Youth, Other than Thematics or Open, U1578Large Silver
26JohnstoneJamesThe 1897 Consumptive Home Charity Issues of NSWTraditional93Large Gold
27LetterPeterWhat is your Lingo?Traditional69Silver
28ShawJamesNew Zealand Decimal Errors 1967 - 2010 - Errors not by designTraditional84Large Vermeil
29FreemanHughPostmarks on Australian King George V HeadsMarcophily72Large Silver
30LowerHarryAustralian Birds Series 1964 - 1965 First Day CoversFirst Day Covers82Large Vermeil
31MonkGordonAustralian KGV 1d issue "Rust Flaws" 1914 to FinalTraditional84Large Vermeil
32BarrettBrianTasmania: Decimal Revenue ValuesRevenues78Vermeil
33XavierPaulFiji - King Edward VII First Watermark Definitive Issue (1903)Traditional83Large Vermeil
34FladebyJonThe First Issue of BundiTraditional80Large Vermeil
35ShawJamesNew Zealand 1965 Anzac stamp issue 4d and 5d studyTraditional75Vermeil
36ElsmoreDaveCommonwealth Income Tax Stamps of AustraliaRevenues86Gold
37FuaryIanAustralia's First Franking Machine DiesPostal History87Gold
38ShawleyJohnMauritius: Outgoing Mail Rates 1875 - 1883Postal History80Large Vermeil
39WatsonGaryThe Letter Carrier Datestamps of MelbournePostal History83Large Vermeil
40DiffenGaryThe Australian Gallipoli Campaign and the shortage of Writing MaterialsP.History84Large Vermeil
41ClarkBillThe Emblems Issue of Victoria 1857 - 1863Traditional82Large Vermeil
42WatsonGaryThe Pre - Separation Datestamps of MelbournePostal History91Large Gold
43BrownGaryAden - 1937 Dhow SeriesTraditional83Large Vermeil
44FuaryIanThe 1994 "Stamp Gang" CancellationsMarcophily79Vermeil
45ElsmoreDaveElectric Telegraph, QueenslandPostal History83Large Vermeil
46ShawJamesNew Zealand 1900 1 1/2 d Boer War Commemorative issues - a study of stamps and usagesTraditional78Vermeil
47TyagiPankajLiberia 1953 Birds Issue "A Story behind Errors and Proofs"Traditional0No Shown
48CollinsMurrayK.U.T. Postal Stationery - The First IsssuePostal Stationery81Large Vermeil
49RolandMichelSTAMPEX 2006 - The idea behind and beyond the Souvenir SheetCinderallas70Large Silver
50JenkinsBillVictoria 2d De La Rue 28th Jan 1870-1873Traditional80Large Vermeil
51OrrJoanAustralia 33c. Aerogrammes - 1981 IssuesPostal Stationery82Large Vermeil
52ShuklaVivekStamp with Goodies...Traditional65Silver
53BestonBernardNorfolk Island - The Ball Bay SeriesTraditional80Large Vermeil
54WettenhallJohnA Past & Present Scourge : CholeraPostal History87Gold
55LevinePhilipGold Coast Manuscript CancellationsPostal History84Large Vermeil
56WalkerMartinParaguay - The First Kraus Definitives of 1903Traditional91Large Gold
57SchofieldTimCancellations, Postal Markings and Correspondence of the Country Post Offices of the Moreton Bay District 1850 - 1860Postal History80Large Vermeil
58LevinePhilipCape of Good Hope Queen Victoria Prestamped EnvelopesPostal History85Gold
59EnglefieldGrahamThe Antarctic voyages of Commandant Charcot 1948 - 1951Postal History82Large Vermeil
60BestonBernardQueensland - The Postal Financial SystemsRevenues80Large Vermeil
61ShuklaVijayIndia - The early Lithograph issues of 1854Traditional80Large Vermeil
62OrrJoanLions Christmas SealsCinderallas84Large Vermeil
63JenkinsBillThe Campbell & Co and Campbell and Fergusson 3d Blue, Victorian Half LengthTraditional84Large Vermeil
64PopeBrianKLM comes, and goes! May 1931Aero Philately80Large Vermeil
65KantorRodRepublic of Biafra - Internal and outgoing mail in a time of conflict and shortagePostal History82Large Vermeil
66MonkGordonA Study of the King George V 1d Die 3 IssueTraditional85Gold
67WilliamsRichardKamerun, Cameroun, Cameroons: Changes in colonial powers and postal history 1884 - 1920Postal History81Large Vermeil
68HarveySarahHong Kong Definitives 1912 - 1921 and 1921 - 1937, including China overprintsTraditional79Vermeil
69LeeLindaWomen and WarThematic75Vermeil
70DiserioMarkAustralia: KGV 1d Oval embossed die: 1928 - 1937Postal Stationery85Gold
71HunterRobertU.S. Private Medicine Stamps of the Civil War Tax period 1862 -83Open79Vermeil
72LeeLindaPioneer SocietyTraditional81Large Vermeil
73LaidlerGregThe Private Perfins of Tattersalls MailTraditional85Gold
74NuijtenAlexFur collar lettercards of the Netherlands 1906 - 1918Postal Stationery85Gold
75ElsmoreDaveTasmania Railway Parcel Tickets, Newspaper and Parcel Stamps 1886 - 1919Revenues84Large Vermeil
76KantorRodNorthern Rhodesia's 1963 Definitive IssueTraditional83Large Vermeil
77BurkeDavidDomestic Solo Covers - with postal deficiency but error not detectedPostal History57Bronze
78HarrisonGordonThe 3c Conestoga Wagon - 1988 Leap Year IssueFirst Day Covers74Large Silver
79HiggsJohnThe First AIF - November 1914 to April 1915Postal History80Large Vermeil
80AdamsTonyThe 1945 Košice Souvenir SheetTraditional68Silver
81AllanPeterThe operation of the early Tasmanian Stamp Duty ActsRevenues86Gold
82JantzenJohnGermany - The Winter Relief FundTraditional74Large Silver
83EggletonRogerAustralia: Parcels Post Label P.P.1Postal History78Vermeil
84EwingtonRossA different approach to displaying Tasmanian PostmarksPostal History72Large Silver
85LaneyIanThe Trolley BusThematic69Silver
86DombayMiklosAt the Beautiful Blue DanubeOpen73Large Silver
87BardenMichaelThe 1946 "Van Acker" -10% Issue of Belgium Provisional Surchages - In Veritas or In Verisimilitudinem?Traditional75Vermeil
88MatthiasElaineThe International Red Cross and Red Crescent movementThematic61Silver-Bronze
89CamptonJohnPhilatelic Legacy of the "Lost" German Overseas Colonies 1890 - 1919Open65Silver
90Kwan CheungPatrickAspects of Philatelic Trade in Mauritius 1885 - 1915Postal History65Silver
91PanckridgeJohnA Hyper Inflation Postcard from GermanyPostal History88Gold
92BarraschKlausGermany's Postal History - Pneumatic Mail after WW IIPostal History72Large Silver
A view of the Exhibition from the Stage

A view of the Exhibition from the Stage